Finding my way in the Digital World

As a young and hungry adult, I am trying to make my mark on the world. Through the adjustment of a digital era and COVID-19 I have realized an online presence is vital for success. The beauty of having this vast array of media, is the networking capabilities. Everyone should be taking advantage of the networking from all types of different platforms. As I am working on creating my own company for my capstone project in college, I plan on showing the world what I am capable of. I have a desire and passion to tell stories through film and want to help others tell their stories. The digital world lets us connect in a way like no other. I could be writing this story to someone in Europe or Australia, how beautiful is that? I have learned so much in 2020 and want to continue diversifying my knowledge. How have people reached success in their life? Is it luck, hard work, networking… or a combination of all three. Thats what I am trying to figure out. I will continue to tell my story each week on this platform and update my progress on how my company is coming along. As of now I will leave you all with a shameless plug to my website so you can see what I have so far!

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Jake Leuzzi

Jake Leuzzi

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